Pre & Post COVID-19 Pandemic Phase of Film Industry

Phase of Film Industry

The Pre-Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Phases of Film Industry Especially Like Bollywood & Hollywood were very Different. The Pandemic had a Huge Impact on these Industries which Lead to Major Shifts and Adaptations in these Industries.

This Outbreak Happened in Wuhan, China in December 2019. It Spread All over Asia and WorldWide in Early 2020. For More Information about COVID-19 Pandemic Click Here

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Pre-Lockdown Phase

1.Theatrical Dominance & Rise of Streaming Platforms

In the Earlier Phase of Film Industry, There was a dominance of Theatrical Release as they were the Primary Mode Of Film Distribution.

Theatrical Experience

There was a Rise of Streaming Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Disney+ who were also making Original Content but the Theatrical Release was still the Primary Mode for Big Budget Movies.

Netflix Baba Zindabad

2.Hollywood Films & Bollywood Dominance Over Regional Cinema

Hollywood Films Attracted Audiences Across the World and Also Set New Records in the Earnings of Box Office. Bollywood Dominated Indian Cinema for Decades and Regional Cinemas was Slowly Gaining Fanbase for their Unique Storytelling Styles and Different Cultures. Films like Bahulbali helps Southern Cinema to get Recognition not only in India but also Globally.

Bollywood & hollywood

3.Box Office & Blockbuster

In the Earlier Phase of Film Industry, Box Office was the Only Source of Earning and Success of a Film was Measured on the Box Office Numbers. A Blockbuster is Measured on Global Box Office Numbers. Global Box Office was Dominated by Hollywood due to its Huge Fanbase and Big budget Films.

4.Film Stars

Stars like Tom Cruise & Shah Rukh Khan Played an Important Role in a Film’s Box Office Success due to their Star Power and their Ability to Attract Audiences in the Theatre. But, This Concept is Slowly Fading Away and Films with Huge Stars are Failing at the Box Office especially in the Post Phase of Film Industry due to their Weak Storyline. Content is the King.

5.Film Awards & Festivals

Film Festivals like Oscars, Filmfare, Cannes are Important for Showing & Honoring Films. Awards were to Honor Some Films for their Entertainment Value, Artistic Approach, Its Making & Acting.

6. Technological Sector

Hollywood Dominated other Film Industries with its Cutting-Edge Technologies like 3D Filmmaking, CGI, Performance Capture, Visual Effects, IMAX Experience. These Technologies Embraced the Storytelling in the Film Industry.

7.Traditional Marketing

Tradiional Marketing Strategies was used to Promote a Film which Included Posters, Media Appearance, Trailers. In The Post Phase of Film Industry, Digital Marketing Strategies are used and Combined with Traditional Marketing Strategies to Promote their Films.

Post-Lockdown Phase

1.Conflict Between Theatrical & Streaming Platforms

In the Post Phase of Film Industry, There is a Conflict between Thetrical & Streaming Platforms Because theatres was Closed and There were Restrictions during the Pandemic and People Developed a Habit to Watch Films & Series at Home which Impacted the Theatrical Business of Film Industry.

The Pandemic Shifted the Focus from Theatrical Platform to Streaming business and Major Studios started Investing Heavily in the Streaming Platforms such as Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and Studios Adapted Themselves to deal with the Audience Changing Behaviour.

2.Hybrid Model

In The Earlier Phase of Film Industry, Films were Released Only in the Theatres. During the Pandemic, Studios Experimented with the Hybrid Model by Releasing Films Simuntaneously on Theatres and OTT Platforms for Both Cinema Goers & At-Home Viewers.

3.Content Diversity

There was a Rise in Diverse Content after the Post Phase of Film Industry in Bollywood & Hollywood Productions. This led to Innovation in Storytelling and Increase in Experimentation and Gave the Opportunity to Underrepresented Voices and Stories on Screen.

4.Film Festivals Virtually

During the Pandemic, Many Film Festivals Happended Virtually due to Restrictions. Virtual Events became Common After the Pandemic where the Filmmakers can show their Work Despite Physical Limitations.

5.Technological Advancements

Hollywood Continued to Dominate Technological Advancement in the Film Industry.

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